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Alabama Criminal Justice Schools, Colleges & Degree Programs

Criminal justice and law enforcement are serious business in Alabama. In fact, Alabama has a higher percentage of law enforcement officers per citizen than most other states in the nation. This is also due to the fact that the crime rate in Alabama is also higher than the national average. There are plenty of job opportunities in Alabama for qualified criminal justice and law enforcement officers, and with crime on the rise the demand is only increasing.

Most law enforcement officers that work for the state of Alabama (i.e., corrections officers, state troopers, etc.) can make anywhere from $30,000 a year, on the low end, to $70,000 a year, on the high end. And if you're interested in becoming a police detective, you should know that Alabama detectives are some of the highest paid in the region.

The key to qualifying for top criminal justice positions is to obtain the right education. While most state and local law enforcement positions require a minimum of an associates degree or professional training certificate, most professionals today are earning a bachelor’s degree. Those criminal justice professionals who are interested in taking their career as far as they can will often pursue a master’s degree in a criminal justice or law enforcement related discipline.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive directory of schools and colleges offering some of the best criminal justice programs in Alabama.

Alabama Criminal Justice Programs