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Counter terrorism operations are the strategies and methods utilized by government and military officials to stop terrorist activities. U.S. government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations have counter terrorism responsibilities.

If you are interested in working in counter terrorism, earning a degree in criminal justice, counter terrorism, or homeland security would be beneficial. No matter the degree you obtain, you will take various courses on counter terrorism. Individuals participating in counter terrorism education programs will take classes on cyber, biological, and global terrorism, as well as disaster preparation and events and causes that motivate people to participate in terrorism.

Job Outlook

Since the tragic terrorist attacks in New York and Washington D.C. in 2001, U.S. government agencies and private defense companies have increased their counter terrorism operations. As a result of these new efforts to prevent terrorism, demand for high paying jobs related to counter terrorism has increased.

The CIA during the 80's determined it was collecting enough intelligence regarding terrorist operations but the U.S. government was not doing enough to fight terrorism. As a result, the CIA began a new operation known as the Counter terrorist Center (CTC) to collect comprehensive intelligence related to the activities of terrorist groups and coordinate antiterrorism operations with other agencies.

In 1990, the head of the CIA organized a new project intended to increase the scope of U.S. counter terrorism operations. Known as the Interagency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism (IICT), the Defense Department and agencies with law enforcement and security duties are involved with the IICT. The CTC, IICT, and FBI work together to prevent terrorism. There are many agencies to work for that conduct counter terrorism operations, and municipal and state government agencies work in conjunction with private defense companies and non-profit organizations to prevent terrorism. Individuals interested in working for one of these agencies should at least have an associate's degree and some experience in counter terrorism. Working in counter terrorism pays well and is rewarding so applicants face a lot of competition. Improve your opportunities by earning an advanced degree at an online school labeled below.

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