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Gaming Surveillance Officer Career, Job, Degrees and Training Information

Gaming surveillance officers usually work for casinos to ensure players are not cheating. Additionally, federal and state government agencies hire surveillance officers to watch casinos to make sure they are following the gaming laws they are bound by. A gaming surveillance officer's most important duty is to make sure players and employees are not stealing or cheating. They are also required to make sure employees are following the casino's rules and policies are followed and ensuring the casino adheres to government rules.

These specialists, also referred to as surveillance agents, operate high tech equipment such as facial recognition technology, to monitor activities in the casino. However, many casinos still utilize traditional surveillance methods, such as two way mirrors imbedded in the ceiling, permitting officers to monitor activities on the floor. Often, surveillance agents have security duties confronting patrons causing a disturbance. In a recent surveillance agent employment posting, surveillance technology monitoring duties, and security responsibilities were mentioned in the posting.