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Information security is an aspect of IT growing in importance. Companies offering entry-level jobs, often well paid positions, are seeking intelligent and experienced applicants. Likewise, companies are also seeking qualified and educated applicants to fill high-level jobs. Individuals with extensive experience combined with education are earning the highest salaries. Working in information security is an exhilarating field to begin a career or be promoted in.

Companies specializing in information security usually seek candidates with related education and prior work experience. Most companies do not necessarily seek employees with IT degrees. Rather, they are seeking candidates with bachelor's degrees related to computer science or IT, or individuals who have completed internships or have applicable work experience. IT security specialists must understand data retrieval, firewall protections, VPN, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Candidates with applicable network security experience are highly sought after. Applicants with certifications, CISSP, Security +, and SANS, for example, in addition to expert knowledge about various operating systems and different networks, are considered excellent candidates to work in IT security.

Information technology security specialists must have effective communication skills. Companies are seeking personable employees with the ability to explain IT security procedures and policies with people that do not share the same expertise, so their companies can be effectively managed and run. While you earn a bachelor's degree in IT, you will learn and acquire the necessary communication skills to excel in your career.