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Criminal Justice Administration Programs

Degrees in criminal justice administration can lead to a wide variety of interesting and rewarding careers. The most frequent jobs that come from studying criminal justice administration are in the realm of police work and legal avenues. Jobs as police officers, probation officers, and correctional officers are a common and direct outcropping of this field of study, and are popular choices with students pursuing interested in these types of careers. Some students that study criminal justice administration also go on to become private investigators or detectives.

While not all police officers have done coursework or completed degrees at a university or college, all must complete extensive training at a police academy, as well as at-work training that comes from a rigorous occupation. Probation officers are required to complete a degree, and work specifically with individuals who are on probation, both in helping to create the rules for an offender’s probation, as well as checking in with the individual to ensure that rules are being upheld. Correctional officers tend to spend most of their time working with individuals who are awaiting trial, or who have already been sentenced for crimes committed.

Those wishing to study criminal justice administration, but not looking to work as a police officer, may find themselves working in the legal sector as a legal secretary or paralegal. The work responsibilities and day-to-day duties vary greatly for paralegals depending on employer requirements, but most paralegals are involved in most, if not all of the stages of legal defense through the firm where they are employed.

Other students may find that they would like a greater degree of flexibility and autonomy in their future, and may choose to pursue a career as a private detective or investigator. The duties and processes of private investigators vary widely, ranging from such activities like protecting celebrities to locating missing persons, and many things in-between.