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Law Enforcement Degrees and Training Programs

Degrees in law enforcement can lead to any number of careers under the broad tent of governmental law enforcement and private sector investigations and security. The jobs in this field that most immediately come to mind are those of police patrol officers and detectives. These officers are the ones we have grown accustomed to seeing out and about in our daily lives, responding to potential threats, investigating criminal activities, and enforcing traffic laws. These jobs do not always require a degree, but a degree can certainly make a candidate more appealing to an employer.

The private sector employs those in law enforcement to help increase security measures. Security guards are in increasingly high demand as companies strive to increase safety of personnel, customers, and information/merchandise. These jobs vary, and can require working odd hours (such as graveyard shifts), yet can be incredibly rewarding to those interested in the world of law enforcement but not looking to become police officers.

Private investigations is another area within the law enforcement world. Within the private investigation arena you will find people either starting their own practices, or working for larger firms with a need for specialists in running background checks, or locating missing persons, etc. Private investigators will occasionally also find themselves called upon by legal counsels to give testimony in court about the information that they have gathered in the course of their work.

Those wishing to pursue careers in the world of law enforcement should be aware that the requirements for these jobs shift around depending on the area, and should check with local law enforcement agencies for details.