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NSA Police (NSAP) Officer Career and Application Requirements

What Is An NSA Police Officer?

NSA police (NSAP) officers are armed, uniformed officers that provide security and law enforcement at NSA buildings. Additionally, NSA officers are often involved with various counterterrorist operations and they provide weapons training for members of the NSA. Generally, NSA officers perform functions that support of NSA’s mission, personnel, assets, and facilities.

What Does an NSA Police Officer Do?

NSA Police Officer Application Requirements

NSA police officer applicants DO need to have earned at least a high school degree or equivalent GED. In addition, an applicant must have one of the following:

  1. Two years of education above the high school level
  2. Honorable active duty military experience
  3. Two years of progressively responsible experience, demonstrating the individual’s ability to learn and execute complex regulations and detailed procedures.

Additional NSA Police Applicant Requirements

Do I Have to Have a Degree in Criminal Justice to Be an NSA Police Officer?

Having an associate or bachelor’s in criminal justice is not required. Having an associate or bachelor’s in any study area (including criminal justice), however, may give applicants an advantage over fellow applicants as a good portion of NSA employees hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

Do I Need to Have Military Experience to Be an NSA Police Officer?

Those applicants with experience in the military, without being dishonorably discharged, may hold an advantage over other applicants. Learn more about Veterans’ Preference.

NSAP Applicant Disqualifications

Where Do I Apply To Become an NSA?

NSA has an ongoing need for qualified individuals to serve as NSA Police Officers at its various facilities in and around Fort Meade, Maryland. The NSA officer career position is one of the most unique and respected in the law enforcement arm of the federal government. Individuals interested in becoming an NSA officer are encouraged to apply for the position at You can also visit the NSA Qualifications and Policies page for more information about NSA careers.