Sheriff Career, Job, Degrees and Training Information

Sheriffs enforce county laws.

Sheriffs cover areas outside local police department jurisdiction. Sheriffs perform the same duties as police officers.

Sheriff and deputy sheriffs respond to emergencies, arrest suspected criminals, patrol areas, and issue traffic citations.

Sheriffs investigate crime scenes, collect evidence, and track down people with warrants out for their arrest. Sheriffs issue summons and subpoenas and occasionally provide courtroom security.

Deputy sheriffs transfer prisoners between courtrooms and hospitals. Deputies also supervise prisoners incarcerated in the county jail and perform duties similar to a corrections officer. They also perform administrative work at county jails.

Sheriffs maintain daily logs and prepare written reports that will be used in trials.

Occupational activities:
  • Execute arrest warrants and take suspects into custody
  • Issue citations and enforce traffic laws
  • Investigate suspicious, potential criminal activities
  • Provide courtroom security
  • Respond to calls and patrol designated areas
  • Arrest suspected criminals
  • Seize property if required in a court order
  • Serve subpoenas and summonses
  • Transfer defendants or inmates between jail and other facilities
  • Maintain records, daily logs, and prepare written reports

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